Harbour Women's Health consists of a group of OB/Gyn practitioners located on the seacoast. In addition to practicing medicine, we support local programs that lead to overall improved caring for women. We have sought after measures that would best complement overall services. We provide convenient in-office diagnostic tests such as ultrasound and bone density. We offer many outpatient procedures (such as colposcopy, LEEP, and biopsy) in our office, to offer convenience and lower patient costs.

Our providers are dedicated to helping patients through respect for the individual and continue to seek out better options and improved services. We feel it is important to offer conventional medical care and incorporate other modalities where appropriate while maintaining a friendly staff and patient-centered office.



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Welcome Dr. Emily Amarosa!

Harbour Women's Health is pleased to welcome OB/Gyn physician Dr. Emily Amarosa to our team of compassionate, experienced and progressive providers.

Dr. Amarosa completed her undergraduate degree at the University of New Hampshire and her medical schooling at Harvard Medical School. She completed her internship and residency in OB/Gyn at the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle. She is originally from Goffstown.

It was during her residency that Dr. Amarosa's love of obstetrics and gynecology was cemented. From more challenging and serious patient conditions to the joy and bliss of watching parents meet their newborn baby for the first time, the pace and humanness of the field appealed to her and fueled her passion as a medical provider.

Dr. Amarosa lives with her husband, two cats and beloved dog. She and her husband enjoy four-season hiking and during their time on the West Coast, spent many weekends hiking the Pacific Northwest. She also enjoys snowshoeing, sewing, cooking and entertaining.

Dr. Amarosa will begin seeing patients on September 2. To make an appointment with Dr. Amarosa, please call us at 603-431-6011.