Your brain chemistry and hormones are significant determinants of your weight, not will power.

We are now offering FDA approved weight loss medications to help patients achieve their weight loss goals. The medication works in combination with nutrition and exercise efforts to achieve sustainable weight loss.

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Why Choose this Program


This program is evidence-based.


Treatment plans are closely monitored by our dedicated provider.


Insurance and FSA-eligible, though plans vary. Our Insurance Coordinator can help you explore your coverage options.


Most patients experience 15-20% in sustainable weight loss .

What Makes Our Program Unique

1Patient ConsultationDr. Fleming is a board-certified OBGYN with an interest in obesity medicine. During your 1:1 consultation with Dr. Fleming she will review your medical history, weight journey, and future weight loss goals. She will discuss FDA approved weight loss medications and educate each patient on their benefits and risks. Dr. Fleming requires all patients to complete lab work to assess organ health and provide a metabolic baseline.
2Frequent Check-InsAs part of your weight loss treatment plan, Dr. Fleming will closely monitor your progress with frequent in-person or virtual visits.

Are you sick of diets not working?

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Losing 15-20% of your weight

Our evidence-based program addresses the metabolic pathways of obesity, which combined with sustainable healthy lifestyle changes will improve metabolic health and quality of life.

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Focused on biology, not will power

Dr. Fleming reviews your medical conditions, medications, labwork, and lifestyle, to prescribe an FDA-approved weight loss medication. These medications improve blood sugar control, normalize appetite and satiety hormone imbalances, and aid digestion.

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Sustainable weight loss

Our program is safe, effective, and, most importantly, sustainable. Our physician-led program focuses on key health indicators to monitor and measure results.

To get started on a journey to take control of your weight and health, contact Dr. Fleming today.

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Patient Testimonials

Mom of 4This Plan helped me achieve my weight loss goals!This program has changed my life! As a mom of 4, I am constantly on the go. I work full time and squeeze exercise in when I can. When I heard about this program, I signed up immediately. One month into the program I lost 10lbs. I simply followed the plan Dr. Fleming prescribed, and it worked just like she said. She coached me, listened to me, and she made it happen. When you follow a science-based plan it works. I cannot wait for summer on the Seacoast, this mom will be living her best life!

For the privacy and protection of our patients the photographs on the website are for illustrative purposes only. The testimonials are provided by patients of Harbour Women’s Health. The opinions reflect our patients personal experience with their treatment. However, treatment outcomes may vary from person to person.

Meet the Medical Director of Harbour Women’s Health Weight Loss Program.

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Board Certified Women’s Health Provider

Women’s Health Enthusiast


For many years as an OBGYN, I have been hearing women’s concerns and frustrations around weight but had little to offer them besides traditional diet/exercise advice. As the scientific understanding of the drivers of obesity have evolved to include neurobiological and hormonal factors, newer extremely effective medications have been developed. These medications target brain and hormonal pathways to curb hunger and cravings, and to optimize metabolism. I’m excited to be able to offer these tools to patients to support their journey to a healthier life.


Saroj Fleming

Medical Weight Loss Director, Women’s Health MD

Meet Sam Lawson, Harbour Women’s Health Weight Loss Program Insurance Coordinator

Insurance Guru

Patient Advocate

Sam works tirelessly to obtain affordable medical coverage for all patients through their insurance. If you are considering being part of the medical weight loss program and have insurance related questions, call our office to speak with Sam.

Sam Lawson

Weight Loss Program Insurance Coordinator

Some Medications Offered Through Our Program


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